Just ended at its 121st session of Canton fair also reflect international market demand further warmed up, the export rose 7.7% and more orders for foreign trade companies from Zhejiang

Time: 2017-05-09
Summary: Foreign buyers from B&R countries such as India, philippines, Indonesia, Russia increased obviously this year. The US market is still rising steadly

The 121st Canton Fair had come to a close last weekend, journalist learned from commerce department of Zhejiang province that there are 5316 businesses attened and 11626 booths, which respectively are 22.1% and 19.63% in total. According to official statistics from Canton fair, This year the total quantity of buyers up to 196490 and rose5.87% than last year. Total export  turnover amount 3.6billion for Zhejiang province and rose 7.7%.

The foreign buyers increased obviously this year,people was waiting in line on the first day and endless visitors whole day. Many enterprises say there are many new and  high quality customers this year, and many buyers placed the order just on scene.

From the survey of market, the countries such as India, Philippines, Indonesia, Russia increased obviously, The US market is still rising steadily. In contrast, the buyers from European countries relatively less for traditional development countries

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